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How To Develop More Stamina In Bed

This proven method of controlling premature ejaculation and lasting longer will give you greater control of your lovemaking ability.

It’s the method used by professional sex therapists when they treat premature ejaculation.

The best thing about? It’s easy , simple, quick and costs nothing. Better still, it works really well!

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Simple and Effective Steps to Lasting

The first step is the simplest. You increase your awareness of how far you are from the point of ejaculation.

Sure, this may seem obvious – after all, men know the feelings of impending ejaculation during sex.

The excitement of knowing you are going to come, to ejaculate,  is an unmistakable part of our sexual experience, both masturbation and sexual intercourse.

These feelings, which occur at the “point of no return“,  are very exciting, very powerful, and very obvious.

This is the point at which ejaculation becomes a reflex response and cannot be stopped.

And that’s the whole point – the feelings may be obvious, but they are often very sudden – that’s why most of the men who don’t last long in bed find they come too quickly. They just don’t see – or feel –  it coming!

Think about it. If you only recognize the signs of impending ejaculation when you are seconds away from it happening, you need to find a way to recognize those signals earlier.

That way you will have time to do something about it before you begin to spurt!

For example, if you know you’re about to ejaculate, you can stop thrusting or oral sex, and literally hold off on all sexual stimulation until your arousal has dropped.

This is not hard to do – provided you can recognize the symptoms of impending ejaculation soon enough.

If you can do this, you’ll find it much easier to stop yourself ejaculating by pausing in whatever you’re doing…. but of course that’s only part of the story.

What you really want is to be able to do is make love continuously, so that you don’t have to pause during sex.

That would let you carry on thrusting during intercourse, let’s say, with more or less total control over your ejaculation until YOU decided that time time was right to ejaculate – and then you could let yourself “release” (i.e. come).

It’s being able to choose that’s critical.

However, the first step is to learn when you need to stop (thrusting, getting head, whatever) –  and of course you need to have the willpower to stop soon enough so that you don’t ejaculate.

Sure – this can be challenging.

During intercourse, the temptation is often to continue thrusting regardless of the fact you’ll come too soon. (A link well worth reading – You know that feeling, yes?)

Whether or not you actually discover how to last longer in bed by stopping sex and allowing your arousal to drop will depend on how motivated you are to control your climax!

Only you can decide that, but if you really want to thrust hard for at least a reasonable length of time in your partner’s vagina (a thing many women really like, especially when they are highly aroused*) then you can succeed.

In fact, as twelve years’ experience helping men with PE shows, it really isn’t difficult for men to last longer in bed – if they want to!

* find out about this here.

Greater Stamina and Longer Lasting Lovemaking!

Step 1: So, here’s how it works: as you enjoy intercourse, and you realize you are approaching the point of no return – but when you are far enough away from it – you slow down or stop thrusting and perhaps even withdraw from your partner’s vagina.

Greater self-control may be called for at this point if she wishes you to continue. (And she may if she is carried away in her own sexual arousal.)

But learning to last longer means you can’t be half-hearted about this; if you continue making love, you will come, and there will be no improvement in the time for which you can last.

Step 2: Master this, wait until your sexual arousal has dropped and then enter her and begin thrusting again.

The first thing you have to do is to mentally “tune” into your body.

This means being more aware of your body and what it’s doing in the approach to ejaculation, so that you have the power to consciously control your sexual arousal.

In effect, you’re exploring your own sexual arousal so you can always identify  the point at which you can stop thrusting with no danger of ejaculating too soon.

Sexual arousal in men and women alike goes through four separate phases: first, excitement (or arousal), second, the plateau stage (this is what true staying power is all about), third, the phase of orgasm and ejaculation, and lastly the resolution phase.

In the first stage the most obvious change is that you get an erection.

During the plateau stage of sexual arousal, you will feel very aroused, your erection will be at its hardest, and your sexual excitement gradually moves towards its peak. Increasing sexual endurance is all about prolonging this phase of your sexual response.

While your arousal continues to increase, there is a point at which your increasing arousal will trigger your ejaculation.

This is a two step process – you initially sense the emission phase – the point at which semen enters the base of your penis from the seminal vesicles. That prepares your body for for the second phase – ejaculation – which follows very quickly.

The feelings of orgasm begin in the contraction of the muscles of the pelvic area, the anus, the perineum, and the penis.

After you’ve ejaculated, the resolution phase of your sexual response cycle spreads rapidly through your body.

There is a general lessening of muscular tension and your erect penis probably returns to its flaccid condition.

Your breathing returns to normal and you may well lose any interest in sex for a period of time ranging from a few minutes to a few days (depending chiefly on how old you are!).

To develop more stamina in bed, you need to be aware of where you are on this response cycle at any time.

In particular, you need to be aware of how sexually aroused you are.

Once you are familiar with this, it’s easy to make small adjustments to what you’re doing during sex so you can avoid anything which will tip you over the point of no return….. and give you greater endurance and staying power.

Laci Green

Explaining how men can increase their endurance and staying power when making love!