Improving Missionary Position Sex – The Coital Alignment Technique

Coital Alignment Technique

If you haven’t heard of the coital alignment technique, you may be wondering what on earth it is. Well, the answer is that it’s a great position lovemaking that allows the woman greater chance of reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse.

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As you may know, very few women actually reach orgasm during intercourse, a fact which tends to be because most women rely on clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm, and very few receive it during lovemaking.

It’s certainly true that some men are attentive enough to offer foreplay during the run-up to lovemaking, and this can often bring a woman off, but even if she does reach orgasm, it’s often the case that the man then immediately wants to enter her, thrust, and reach his own orgasm and ejaculation.

Some women see this as a selfish attitude, not surprisingly, for they too would like to orgasm during lovemaking, during the act of sex itself. Yet as we know, very few women actually managed to achieve orgasm during intercourse — the figure generally quoted is around 15%, a woefully low number which is down to the fact that most men don’t bother to stimulate the clitoris during intercourse, because they’re too obsessed with taking their own pleasure.

Now I certainly accept that a lot of men know how to make a woman come, but even the men who do know how to make a woman come often find it difficult to achieve that result during lovemaking. So the coital alignment technique is a beautiful adaptation of the missionary sex position which allows a man to use a new sexual technique to stimulate clitoris with his body rather than with his fingers during lovemaking.

Now how good does that sound?! A sex position that allows a woman to orgasm during intercourse — it’s every woman’s dream, every man’s dream as well, in a way, because there’s nothing more exciting from and making love to aroused woman who is in the throes of orgasm. So how does it work?

The man enters the woman as normal, that is to say, as normal for the missionary position, and during the initial orientation of the two partners, he will shift his body upwards so that his erect penis is moved further downwards towards his testicles, and as a result of this his penis enters his partner’s vagina in a more perpendicular orientation.

Now instead of thrusting backwards and forwards in the normal way that men love, a couple are required to rock their pelvises in a certain angle and orientation so that the man’s pubic bone repeatedly and rhythmically impacts on the woman’s clitoral area. You can find full instructions and information about this here –

It may sound as though this isn’t actually a very easy sexual technique, but the coital alignment technique, or CAT, as it’s known, can actually be a really wonderful experience for both partners, not only giving a woman the opportunity to orgasm, by providing the man with sexual sensations which is never going to experience during any other orientation or sexual position.

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