How To Stop Premature Ejaculation In Its Tracks!

Be the longer lasting lover you always wanted to be….

If you want to know how to increase your endurance during sex urgently, there are some techniques you can use today to slow down arousal and ejaculation.

How to Last Longer In Bed Tonight!

These techniques aren’t a permanent cure, but they can make sex a heck of a lot better – for both you and your partner – immediately!

They are “emergency tactics”…. and here are the four best of them.

Masturbate Before You Have Sex

Sure, it’s an old trick. But it helps – a lot. Start by self-pleasuring to orgasm, say an hour before you make love. If that doesn’t slow you down enough in the sack, then see if masturbating two hours before AND one hour before sex helps.

Use lube, though, so you don’t make your penis sore. And don’t be fooled if you think this might take your sex drive away! Just get close to your woman in bed, and you’ll soon be standing right back up again. Get what I mean?

Sure, you might just have to make a bit of an effort to get revved up again.

But, when you think about it, isn’t that just what you want when you’re trying to discover how to last longer in bed and increase your stamina for lovemaking?

Take Sex Slowly

Don’t rush: it’s not a race to the finishing post!

In fact, the slower you take it, the more everybody will enjoy it, including you, and the better you’ll feel about yourself.

Forget the idea that somehow you’re trying to give a woman an orgasm during sex, because very few women can reach orgasm through sexual intercourse.

Take your time over foreplay, and make sure that she comes through oral sex or masturbation long before you even think about getting into her.

This way, even if you come too quick, this may seem less important than the pleasure of being in bed and enjoying all the sex play you can with your partner.

You see, the thing is, a woman who’s had an orgasm is much more receptive to you entering her, and she’s likely to enjoy having you inside her even if it’s for a short period of time.

She’s not going to end up grumpy because she hasn’t had an orgasm, and she may not mind if you don’t know how to increase your stamina and staying power and make love for longer. And what you’ll find is that once the pressure is off you, you can enjoy sex more.

To stop coming too soon, you need to slow down every aspect of your approach to sex. Lengthen foreplay and take longer to get to orgasm by slowing down down penetration, thrusting, and climax.

Just chill, man, take it slowly and every time you find yourself speeding up, take a deep breath and let it out slowly and calm down!

Clench Your PC Muscles!

But don’t leave it too late, because you can’t stop yourself ejaculating once you’re at, or near, the point of no return. That’s the point during sex when you know you’ll ejaculate and nothing will delay you coming, not even your entire family walking into the bedroom.

To ensure lovemaking goes on for longer, and to prevent premature ejaculation coming upon you unexpectedly, you need to clench your PC muscle every time you feel your level of sexual arousal is increasing too quickly or going too high.

And, if you don’t know what your PC muscle is, it’s the one you use to interrupt the flow of urine when you’re taking a pee.

All you have to do is contract it for 10 seconds as you puff out your breath in a series of short, sharp exhalations.

You’ll find that simple maneuver dramatically reduces your level of sexual arousal and that you can last a lot longer during sex.

It isn’t a permanent cure, but it certainly helps.

And, by the way, you might want to explain to your partner this is a way to help you increase stamina in bed during sex, not some kind of breathing yoga, just so she doesn’t think you’ve gone mad.

Which brings me onto another thing: talk about this problem with your partner.

If you’re embarrassed to admit that you’re a quick comer, just tell her that she turns you on so much you can’t help yourself, but you’re determined to make sex better for both of you, and the more practice you get the better it will be….. or something of the sort!

Use The Right Sex Positions

When you’re discovering how to increase your endurance in bed, it’s very important to use the right sex position, which means one that ain’t gonna make you come quickly.

For example, man on top sex can be very exciting, but the muscle tension it produces in your body will speed up your orgasm.

Instead, use the side-by-side sex position, which puts a lot less pressure onto the head of your penis, while still giving your partner a lot of pleasure as you thrust.

Find out more about side by side sex here: lots of ways to make love.

Oh, and while we talk about thrusting, it stands to reason that the harder you thrust, or the faster you thrust, the more quickly you’ll ejaculate.

So to increase the length, duration and pleasure of sex, use shallow thrusts, entering perhaps only the first couple of inches of her vagina, interspersing with one deeper thrust every six or seven thrusts.

You might even find that she gets more excited and aroused when you do that, so you get a double bonus: you can go on for longer (more sex!), and she finds sex more exciting! Now, what could be better than that?

Don’t Forget …

A lot of men who come too quickly believe their lack of staying power is caused by oversensitivity of the penis.

There is, however, absolutely no evidence from scientific research to suggest that premature ejaculation is anything other than a learned response to sexual stimulation.

How about popping a pill to overcome the urge to pop your cork too soon? Some men do take antidepressants to desensitize the brain to sexual stimulation. Sadly, the side-effects are usually quite unpleasant.

Equally, using an anesthetic lotion on the penis to slow yourself down simply reduces the sensation you get. That way, sex doesn’t provide you with much pleasure.

Not only that, but a lot of men who do try anesthetic sprays and condoms with anesthetic in the lubricant stop using these products fairly quickly because they simply don’t work.

But the fact that PE has nothing to do with penis sensitivity is great news! Why?

Because it means that if you wish to know how to last longer in bed, all you have to do is train your body to do something different during lovemaking.

In other words, stopping rapid ejaculation is about responding differently to the stimulation that you get during foreplay and intercourse. Let me explain.

The normal sexual response cycle of both men and women goes through several phases: the first one of these is arousal, which means a buildup of muscular tension and sexual excitement in both body and mind; the second is a “plateau” phase in which a man or woman can remain aroused and sexually excited, but below the level of excitement who will lead them to reach orgasm; the third phase is orgasm itself; and the final phase is recovery, by which is meant return to normal.

Sexual response cycle – men

The problem for men who can’t stop themselves ejaculating too quickly is not being able to stay in the plateau phase of sexual arousal for long enough before they ejaculate.

In other words, they don’t know how to stop their arousal going up rapidly, and the are at the point of orgasm and ejaculation long before they would like to be.

Men who know how to develop longer and better levels of staying power will be able to remain below the point of ejaculatory inevitability, also known as the point of no return, for much longer.

In fact they will be able to stay there until they decide to ejaculate.

You see, “deciding” to ejaculate is usually about doing something that gives them more sexual stimulation – such as thrusting harder and deeper, kissing their partner, doing something with that they find particularly sexy, or even enjoying a very arousing fantasy.

Remember, finding ways to increase stamina and discovering how to last longer in bed is not difficult.

You just have to use some tricks and techniques tostop premature ejaculation. We’ll explore these on this site. But, in essence, men who know how to control their ejaculation effectively simply have control of how quickly they get aroused, or, more specifically, they know how to stop their arousal mounting too fast, too high.

Explaining how men can increase their endurance and staying power when making love!