The Tao of Badass

If you’re not very successful with women, you might be looking for a way to improve your success rate and find out how to date and seduce women successfully.

It’s a sad fact that many men spend their lives trying to find the right formula for picking up women, not realizing that actually being a Badass with women is something to do with being a confident man, who’s comfortable in his own skin, not looking for external approval, and doesn’t need the affirmation of other men to know that he is indeed a Badass – a man who has all it takes to seduce women.

These are the things that make a man attractive to a woman – it isn’t about using stupid techniques or faking it till you make it – it’s about being genuine, but using a certain amount of psychology which has been demonstrated over and over again to attract women and to make men desirable.

This has been summarized in The Tao of Badass which will show you how you as a man can best approach a woman so that her interest is hooked and sustained until a relationship is able to form. Check out this review.

In other words, what I’m telling you is that the Tao of Badass – a program designed by Joshua Pelicer for men – is one of the best ways to find out how to date and seduce women successfully. It may not make you an alpha male, as the claims have it, but it will certainly help you to understand the dynamics of meeting women successfully, and getting to know them in a way that is powerful and attractive.

You see, a lot of men think that women like a man whose bulging musculature suggests that he’s been working out in the gym or he’s full of testosterone – but actually the truth of the matter is that a man needs to have two qualities to attract women: first of all he needs to be powerful, attractive and confident, and secondly he needs to be gentle, sustaining, emotionally supportive and loving.

These are two types of traits which come from different aspects of personality. What attracts a man to a woman varies according to what “mate choice mode” she’s in: she’d rather mate, as biological studies have demonstrated many times, with an alpha male – but then, when it comes to settling down in a relationship to raise kids, she’d much rather be with a man who is honest, trusting and loving.

So what this means is that to screw lots of women you can learn how to be a Badass, and you’ll get what you want, without a doubt – particularly in view of the effective and proven techniques in The Tao of Badass.

But if you want a long-term relationship as well, and you want to know how to really succeed with women, then you’re going to need to bring different qualities to a prospective mate, qualities which speak more of your suitability as a long-term partner for a woman.

Now all this may seem rather complicated, so it’s good job that it’s actually been explained in rather simple terms in the Tao of Badass – and I’ve written a review of this which is designed to help you understand exactly what you get when you buy this program.

You’ll learn about gender roles, you’ll learn about what attracts a woman, you’ll learn about the best opening pickup lines for a woman, and you’ll learn a whole lot more!

By the time you finish reading this program you’ll never feel unconfident picking up women because you will have transformed into the genuine article – a real Badass who is confident competent in the dating and mating field.

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