Manifestation and The Law Of Attraction

It’s rather old hat, it seems to me, writing about manifestation and Law of Attraction… But I’m not going to let that stop me! LOL!

You see there’s something important here which most people don’t realize.

 The Law of Attraction and sexual success are intimately linked.

Now you might be thinking “what on earth does that mean”!

And yes, if you were saying that, then I’d be thinking “Yep, I get that it’s a very odd thing to connect together!!”

But think about it this way: every single thing we do is powered by the subconscious mind, including the more esoteric way in which we can connect with the universe beyond our physical senses.

You’ve probably heard of things like ESP (extrasensory perception) or telepathy, and if you accept those as a real phenomenon, then I’d like you to consider for a moment what the difference might be between those phenomena and the ability of the subconscious mind to influence your physical behaviour and specifically your physical behaviour in relationship to sexuality.

Of course they are two different areas of human experience, but to the extent that they both control by the subconscious mind there’s no reason to think that you will be able to perform one phenomenon (psychic events) and not the other (affecting your sexual behaviour and sexual expression).

Think about this for a minute. I promise you, no matter how long you think about it, you can come up to the same conclusion – which is that although the phenomena might appear to be different, that if you can do one there’s no reason to assume you can’t do the other.

Sure, some people might argue it’s a logical falsehood – but arguing that it’s a logical falsehood doesn’t disprove it’s true.

So I will take as a starting point of my argument the fact that physical expression of sexuality is under the control subconscious mind, and if it’s under the control of the subconscious mind then it’s actually under your control. After all, is your mind with talking about!

So what aspects of sexuality come from deep down in the subconscious? The answer is just about everything.

I’d say that ejaculation control is the prime example of this, but even more fundamental sexual expression such as the ability to reach orgasm (more important for women, perhaps) and the power of the emotional experience you feel at the moment of orgasm (important for both men and women) are merely different aspects of the same energetic flow.

And of course you can extend this argument a stage further and suggest that premature ejaculation is actually some kind of misdirected energy flow. If so, then it’s certainly amenable to control in the same way as any other human behaviour  under the influence of the subconscious mind.

What this means in practice is that if you adopt the techniques used for manifestation using fundamental Law of Attraction principles, then you can probably control premature ejaculation very easily and MOST IMPORTANTLY very effectively. And what are those principles?

Well, first and foremost they involve setting objectives and goals – which in this case might be to make sex last 10 minutes, or perhaps 20, depending on your personal preferences.

After that, they are about finding some kind of mental image that encapsulates the essence of this goal and using it as a focus for your mind to direct the energy towards that objective.

Bear in mind that with every Law of Attraction exercise that you do there must be intense emotion, strong energy, high desire for a certain outcome, and commitment to achieving it.

Without those antecedents being met, you’re very unlikely to be successful in any kind of manifestation whether it be psychosexual, emotional or physical.

Have a look at this video, because it might help you to understand what I’m talking about.

There’s more information available freely on the Internet about controlling the energy flow that might be responsible for premature ejaculation.

For example, have a look at this, which explains how lovers can use acupressure points to control the energy flow during sexual interaction.

Other possible modalities that you could use to improve control of ejaculation include yoga and hypnosis as well as the visualization and manifestation techniques referred to above.

All in all this is a fascinating field, and there’s a great deal of information to assess to reach any half decent conclusion about exactly how the subconscious mind interacts with the mental and spiritual energies. (Here, I’m talking about energies such as our sexual energy… and the higher orders of energetic transformation, such as how the subconscious mine interacts with phenomenon such as telepathy and extrasensory perception.)

But there is no doubt that all of these phenomena are related in some way, and there is also no doubt that this energetic “control” is one of the main principles of manifestation using Law of Attraction principles.

It follows, therefore, that if you can master this principle, you’ll be able to manifest not only what you want in terms of physical forms,but also you be able to influence the expression of almost any energetic flow for which you are responsible…….. an interesting thought indeed, particularly when it comes to the expression of the less desirable human traits such as premature ejaculation !

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