Last longer in bed with fitness and muscular development

What the heck am I talking about, you may be asking!

Well, the principle is very simple:

Fit and healthy men last longer in bed

Can I prove that? Well, have a look at this piece of research.

Now I know you may say that doesn’t actually prove that you can’t have good sex if you aren’t fit and healthy, and that’s obviously true.

Why quibble in that way? Is plenty of evidence that suggests men who have fatty bodies have poor erections. Check this out for example!

So if you accept there is a connection between good sex and a fit and healthy body, then it’s a small step to seeing there might also be a link between low levels of fat in your body and lasting longer in bed.

That’s because low levels of fat mean that you will be fitter and leaner, and you’ll be able to engage in vigorous and enthusiastic sexual activity for longer.

Fitness equal sexual success?
Be fit for great sex!

Besides which, there’s no doubt that you will actually have an erection that lasts longer and is better suited to engaging in pleasurable sexual activity if you are not obese and swimming in fat – or, rather, if your blood cells are not swimming in fat!

So having said all of that, how are you going to achieve the body you desire, lean and shaped and muscular, defined and toned, and capable of sustaining you through vigorous exercise — even if that only includes what used to be known as “horizontal jogging” (i.e sex)!

The answer probably lies in an exercise and diet program — You probably worked that out for yourself already!

The One That I Recommend Is The Fat Loss Factor

And the reason that I recommend it is because it’s actually proven itself over many years on the Internet by selling millions of copies with an extremely low refund rate.

That’s demonstrated how much men trust it, that they use it, and that they don’t just read it and then return it, thinking it’s too hard, or too difficult, or too complicated.

The truth of the matter is, interestingly enough, that it’s none of those things, it’s actually a practical and easy system to follow.

Is he practicing for sex?
Fat Loss Factor– quick and easy weight loss

One of the reasons for its ease-of-use is the fact is individually tailored to your requirements — and, remarkable though that is, it’s true!

When you sign up for the program, you feed in lots of data about your physiology and diet, and out comes a program specifically designed for you – your optimal nutrition plan, and also your optimal exercise program.

So this is a massive step on the road to obtaining greater fitness, and that in itself is a step on the road to obtaining great sexual prowess, and that of course is the essential precursor to lasting longer in bed.

But you might still be asking how it is that being fit and healthy and experiencing rapid weight loss can actually help you to delay ejaculation during sexual activity? The simple answer to that is that — it can’t, in itself.

Where it can help you, however, is in getting the personal confidence, in particular the sexual self-confidence, that comes from being fit and healthy, and knowing that you have a body that is attractive to women.

You see, this feeds into some very fundamental power dynamics for a man.

What does masculinity mean for users of the Adonis Golden Ratio?
What does masculinity mean to you?

Whether we like it or not, we are still biologically programmed for a certain role – protective, defensive, getting things done, going out into the world, setting boundaries — all those gender roles.

And you’ll notice that all of that stuff requires a good body and a high level of fitness.

But the point is that when you can do all of that stuff, you will feel great about yourself — you masculine nature is going to be deeply fulfilled.

And here’s the connection with lasting longer in bed: when your masculine nature is deeply fulfilled, and you feel satisfied at a level that you generally will not experience in any other way, then you are going to feel confident around women.

More to the point, they women sense your confidence, and they respond to it by providing you with all the rewards, the sweet rewards (i.e. sex) that a masculine “warrior” can get when he’s with a woman who senses his power, confidence and self-assurance.

That sounds pretty attractive? And imagine – all of that comes from just simply engaging in a diet and weight loss program — the Fat Loss Factor! How remarkable!

But there you are, sometimes the truth about life is stranger than fiction, and sometimes you just have to take advantage of the opportunities when they present themselves.

Certainly knowing that the Fat Loss Factor has given you a better body than other men, a higher level of fitness than other men, and has helped you lose weight and trim your lean body down to something that is infinitely more attractive to women,… yes, that really is a prime step on the road to supreme self-confidence.