Attraction and Repulsion

If you’re the kind of person who has a consistently negative outlook on life, you may well have noticed that the quality of your life is directly related to the kind of thoughts that you habitually engage in.

The same is true if you’re a person who likes to engage in what Eric Berne, founder of transactional analysis, described as psychological “games”.

In both cases, you’ve probably noticed that life is not as satisfying or fulfilling as you would like it to be, and you probably have a feeling of dissatisfaction which lies deep within your soul.

You may wonder, when you see happy people, or positive people, or people with a positive outlook and attitude on life, how they can be so unfailingly cheerful – you may even feel something that’s akin to contempt for them, because their worldview is so different your own.

And yet the interesting thing about these people, that is to say the ones who have an optimistic and positive outlook on life, is that they genuinely are happier than the majority of the human race. They generally also have more satisfying and fulfilling lives than the majority of the human race.

It’s a legitimate question to ask how people can achieve this state of mind, because for most of us it’s unusual (and perhaps slightly difficult to understand). It’s a positive emotional place.

Most people on this planet have a negative emotional life, full of stress, difficulty, worry, dissatisfaction and happiness.

But it is possible to have a different attitude to life – you see, the Laws of Attraction and Repulsion determine what enters your life. And the laws of attraction and repulsion are basically the Law of Attraction, the Law of Manifestation, and the Law of Co-creation.

What these say, in a nutshell, is that nobody except you is responsible for what is in your life.

Now, if you’re still in a victim position, you may well be still blaming your parents, your schoolteachers, your siblings, your family, society in general, or the unfairness of the world, for your misfortunes.

But are you able to see, even to the slightest degree, but the reality is rather different?

You, and you alone, are solely responsible for the manifestation of every single thing in your world. That includes the people in it, the prosperity (or not) that you experience, the quality of your relationships (and who you are in relationship with), the world around you as it impacts on you, and your state of mind (that is to say whether you’re essentially positive or negative).

This is a really radical idea for many people, because we are not brought up in  a society where people take responsibility for their own situation.

But I think most of us can probably grasp at some level that personal responsibility truly does rest with every individual on this planet.

It would be strange if God had made us in any other form, for he did make us in his own image, and he is all powerful, omnipotent and omnipresent. Which is why, if you are made in God’s image, you to have acknowledge at a deep level how responsible you are for creating the life you live.

I do not intend to sound blaming about this, because challenging the status quo is a very difficult thing for most people.

First of all you have to have a visceral sense of what it’s like to take responsibility for attracting good or bad, positive or negative things into your life.

By the way, at this point I should just mention that the concepts of good and bad and evil are purely human constructs – in terms of the universe at large, there is no distinction between good and bad and evil, and the result of this is that the universe can (and will) give you exactly what you ask for, or at least, it can (and will) give you exactly those things which represent the emotional tone of your most potent thoughts.

The Law of Attraction and You

The law of attraction will give you anything you want, but clearly it doesn’t work for everybody, otherwise we will be watching millions of people in the world benefiting from the publication of The Secret as a book and film in 2006 by Rhonda Byrne.

Clearly people can’t manifest what they want easily, or perhaps they don’t know how to, or they don’t put the effort in.

An echo of what I said a few moments ago can be found here: there is no clearer example of how people fail to take responsibility for their life than the fact that most people don’t have the slightest clue how to manifest positivity, get what they want, ensure their prosperity, or engage in relationships which satisfy them.

Now I don’t want to be a downer on the human condition, because I’m positive and optimistic about the prospects for anyone who does take responsibility.

What I’m saying here is very simple: if you feel that you want to change the quality of your life, particularly if you want to change specific aspects of it (such as your ability to last longer in bed, the quality of your relationship, or your capacity to improve the experience of sex you have with your partner, to increase your prosperity, the quality of your job, and remove the absence of satisfaction in your life), then it’s up to you to take responsibility and find a way to use the Law of Attraction so these things change.

I know that many of you out there reading this will instantly be saying “But I can’t”, while thinking of a whole panoply of reasons why you can’t expect to achieve success or get what you want.

But the truth matter is that if you look at prosperous people like Richard Branson or Bill Gates, they never expected to be poor – their expectation from day one was that they would be wealthy, and because they had this resolute expectation, wealth did indeed manifest, along with complete conviction and certainty in their lives.

So how do you translate the experience of people like Bill Gates and Richard Branson into your own life?

The first thing you have to do is to start by forming clear objectives around what you want to achieve – and these can be anything, literally anything.

But here’s the catch: you really have to believe that your objective is possible for you.

No matter if it’s possible for somebody else! It has to be possible for YOU!

Yes, you have to believe that it’s possible for you. If you don’t believe this, then you don’t stand the slightest chance of manifesting it in your life.

Having formed a belief about what you can achieve, you then need to picture an image of how exactly your goal is  going to manifest in your life, and you have to do this in great detail.

That way, you can use that image as a mental template for the manifestation of something physical in the world.

And then you have to take some kind of action – I’ve heard it said that you have to take massive irreversible action, burn your bridges and commit totally to a new course of action.

But this is not so. What you have to do is commit to taking small steps that move you in the general direction of your goal or objective.

If you do these things, then the manifestation of something different for you is absolutely unquestionable and certain.

To be completely in control of your own life is an attractive prospect, isn’t it? 

So if you want that pleasure, the way you can do it is by finding out all about the law of attraction. And then using it…..

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